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Committed Companies: From Collective Mission to Individual Action - How to Mobilize Employees ?

9:00 - 11:00

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“We do not motivate people through speeches but by respecting their deep aspirations.” More than 50 years later, this statement by Antoine Riboud, then CEO of Danone, still holds true… Indeed, while corporate purposes are multiplying in French companies, the individual purpose of employees is too often neglected: nearly half of them (49%) even feel compelled to act against their values (IFOP study).

So, how can we achieve a balance between the individual purpose of employees and that of the company? How can we place the employee at the center of the project to give them reasons “to be”? Finally, what leadership vision should be adopted to encourage, motivate, and retain talents?

We will discuss this with:

Fabrice Cavarretta, Professor of Leadership and Intrapreneurship, ESSEC Business School

Raphaelle de Soto, Head of People, Bain & Company

Martine Grazioso, General Manager, Valrhona

Célina Pestel, Head of People & Culture, Primark

Maison des ESSEC, 11 avenue de Friedland, 75008
Registration required: https://lnkd.in/eY8Uh3Xd

Online registration: https://lnkd.in/e7_frc-r

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Climate change and health: what joint responses can businesses provide?

9:00 - 11:00

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Climate change caused by human activities has a direct impact on our health: the concept of “One Health” reminds us that human, animal, and environmental health are interdependent.

In other words, what harms the environment eventually harms the human species. Some sadly famous examples include air pollution and respiratory diseases, the proliferation of microplastics and cancers, and endocrine disruptors and the increase in chronic diseases.

As major players in the economy, businesses have the responsibility and the capacity to provide joint responses to these challenges.

They can play a dual role, from reducing their own environmental impact to making positive contributions by supporting public health initiatives or climate change adaptation efforts.

But are they truly addressing these two issues jointly? How are they concretely meeting the needs of populations while preserving the planet and human health? Ultimately, how can we prioritize the concept of “One Health” over “Not my business”?

Health and Environment: one and the same general interest issue… Our guests, leaders from businesses, associations, and academic and scientific communities, will jointly shed light on this major challenge.

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